What we believe

What we believe huh? 

That's a loaded question with a lot of particulars. Often it is hard to recognize what we truly believe or why we believe it, yet our core beliefs shape who we are.  As believers in Christ Jesus we do have certain defined beliefs that define who we are, how we love, and what we do.

We believe the Bible is God's Word, God's message to mankind as a revelation of who He is and a reflection of who we are. It tells the story of how we were created in love, with purpose, on purpose. It reveals that man has broken the commands of God and that man is violent and evil, responsible for the pain and death that we all experience. 

The Bible reveals that religion, even religion prescribed by God Himself, is unable to rescue us from our fallen condition and unite us back to God.

The Bible reveals who God is and that He is infinite in relation to space, time, wisdom, glory, and power. It reveals God as the One True God, yet reveals Him in three persons: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

It reveals that God the Father sent His one and only Son, Jesus, by the Holy Spirit to become fully man while remaining fully God to reach, teach, train, equip, and send true disciples. It further tells the story of how  Jesus submitted Himself in love and obedience to die on a cross for the redemption of mankind. That is to say, He died to pay the penalty that mankind incurred when they had broken God's laws. This made the way for each and every one of us who believe in Jesus to be forgiven of all the times we ourselves broke God's commands. 

We further believe and recognize that, as also revealed in the Bible, Jesus rose from the dead on the third day. This act defeated the curse of death that came upon all mankind for breaking God's commands. Mankind will still have to die, but now those who believe in Jesus will be raised to life again with new bodies that won't get hurt or get old or die.

We believe, as also revealed in the Bible, that Jesus established and builds His church for the fourfold purpose of 

          - Reaching people with the truth of this salvation found in no other Name but Jesus;

          - Teaching, training, encouraging, and disciplining believers;

         - Exercising compassion to all people, especially those who can't defend, care, or provide for themselves;

          - Worshipping God.

We believe that God's design and desire is to fulfill His purpose and plans in each believer's life. This is best accomplished  as God fills and overflows each believer with His wonderful Holy Spirit.  The initial outward physical sign that God has done or is doing this is indicated by the believer speaking in languages not previously known to the recipient. These languages may be heavenly or earthly.

We further believe that after Jesus' resurrection, He appeared to many people over a period of about 40 days and then ascended to the right hand of the Father (God) in Heaven. It was after this that God sent His Holy Spirit to live in believers, those who believe that Jesus is Lord and that God raised Him from the dead.

We believe, as the Bible reveals, that Jesus is returning at any moment and that He will reign on the earth for 1,0000 years, there will be a great rebellion, and then there will be a final judgement where Jesus is the judge.

Those who trusted in (believed in; put their faith in) Jesus will live forever on a new Earth with a new atmosphere (Heaven) and there will be no more crying, pain, hatred, or death. 

Those who do not trust in Jesus and reject the truths revealed in the Bible will go into a lake of fire to be destroyed because they broke God's commands and they did not fully put their trust in the salvation that Jesus offers by believing in Him.

More details on these beliefs and scriptures that correspond can be found at the link below.